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    • 你知道TPE為何能成為制造防毒面具的主材嗎?
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    TPE, as a kind of polymer elastic material, is widely used, recyclable and environment-friendly. Therefore, TPE has the trend of gradually replacing the traditional rubber. This is reflected in the gas mask, which is a product born with the modern war. It is a kind of protective equipment for protecting personal respiratory tract against toxic gas.

    Ordinary gas masks are basically composed of hard plastic and soft rubber materials. Hard plastic is generally raw plastic, which is processed by hot pressing. It is hard, uncomfortable to wear and not durable. The soft rubber part is made of rubber, but the rubber has peculiar smell and volatile substances, which is not the ideal material for making gas masks.

    The birth of TPE provides a more suitable source of raw materials for the production of soft materials for gas masks. First, TPE has the high strength and resilience of rubber, soft touch, excellent fatigue resistance and temperature resistance plastic like injection ability. The most important thing is that TPE has the characteristics of environmental protection and non-toxic, which is the key for it to stand out.

    TPE data can be directly bonded with PP raw material mask by injection coating method, so it does not need to be installed by adhesive. Suitable for making middle end gas mask. In comparison, TPE is almost 100% recyclable, which is superior to silica gel in terms of its excellent stretch resilience and ensures that it can win the competition with silica gel.

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