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    • 熱塑性彈性體的日常養護
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    As a kind of macromolecule material, thermoplastic elastomer has extraordinary characteristics, such as high temperature, friction and strong impact. It is insignificant for it. Therefore, the product produced by thermoplastic elastomer must have very strong performance and be strong and durable. But if any solid object is not maintained, it will also be able to maintain. It was destroyed because of wear and tear.



    To avoid impurities such as paper, shell and other attachment to thermoplastic elastomer products, it is necessary to regularly clean up the impurities. Firstly, brush is used to sort out the large amount of debris, and then vacuum cleaner is used to clean up the microwave dust. If there is too much debris and too much weight, special targets can be used to clean up.


    After cleaning, the thermoplastic elastomer needs to be scoured. In rainy areas or rainy seasons, it can be scoured by rainwater. If it encounters dry season or water shortage areas, it can be washed manually, while avoiding long-term exposure to the sun.

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